JANUARY 07, 2010

Within three weeks Barak Obama will complete one year as President of the United States of America, with 50% of Americans approving and 44% disapproving (Gallup) his presidential performance. This is not altogether a bad score. The present is the point-of view of a non-American. Foreigners are entitled to hold their own ideas about US Politics, even though Republicans may claim that they should mind their own businesses!

It is nothing short of amazing that Obama could overcome the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression, have bills concerning health care approved respectively by the Senate and the House of representatives and also decide about the extent of US commitment concerning two major wars abroad (both of which were initially handled amid incredible blunders of the precedent administration).

All Obama actions so far have not met any solidly substantiated piece of criticism from his political opponents. They could not find any valid arguments to convince Americans, or friendly foreigners that the Good Old Party could have done any better.
In fact, President Obama did a lot more than what is above referred to. He set up a new pattern of American diplomacy. Now it might be described as “Speak soft, and do not carry a big stick” (Bush, Dick Cheney, and the third one, spoke hard and all carried big sticks – and look what they got!).

Being prudent, cooperative and taking his time, the US President knows that he does not have to try to scare previously demonized hostile powers. By so doing he is showing the wisdom of a very young President who is keeping all his possible alternatives open, and that has tended his hand to some reckless foreign leaders, viewing peaceful and acceptable solutions in a thorny world political and economic scene (which to a certain extent is part of the sour heritage of the previous Republican administration). The recent Nobel Prize was deserved.

At this point in time, one cannot but agree to Joan Walsh, when she said “that Republicans use everything they can to undermine and delegitimize this president”.

See link: http://americanista.typepad.com/us_politics/2010/01/index.html 

Antonio Bueno


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