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JANUARY 07, 2010

Within three weeks Barak Obama will complete one year as President of the United States of America, with 50% of Americans approving and 44% disapproving (Gallup) his presidential performance. This is not altogether a bad score. The present is the point-of view of a non-American. Foreigners are entitled to hold their own ideas about US Politics, even though Republicans may claim that they should mind their own businesses!

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JUNE 26, 2007

In order to overcome the present standstill in Congress between Republicans and Democrats, concerning the proposed Immigration Bill, it should be a good exercise to look for help both at the teachings of the Founding Fathers and at modern legal theories.

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JUNE 16, 2007

Whoever gets elected as President of the USA in the coming elections will have to deal with both the main following issues:

1. Handling challenges that threaten the Constitution of the United States of America, such as the failure of both the Republican and the Democratic

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